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Research on Biomedical Engineering (ISSN 2446-4740 / 2446-4732) is the official journal of the Brazilian Society of Biomedical Engineering and is dedicated to publishing research in all fields of Biomedical Engineering. In addition, this journal aims to provide educational material and professional updating, as well as serving as a forum for the establishment of developing policies and incorporation of health technologies by the public or private sectors. This multidisciplinary journal aims at readers and authors with an interest in using or developing tools based on the engineering and physical sciences to understand and solve problems in the biological and medical sciences.Research on biomedical engineering related to Workday Online Course can involve a variety of topics. Depending on the specific course and its focus, research topics may range from the application of specific biomedical engineering techniques to the development and implementation of Workday software

Open Access

RBE is committed to open access for academic work. All of the articles are free to access immediately from the date of publication. There are no author charges, and no charge for any reader to download articles for scholarly use.

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All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a .

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This journal is published quarterly by the Brazilian Society of Biomedical Engineering and is indexed in the following bases:


  • Alcimar Barbosa Soares
    (UFU) Uberlândia, MG, Brazil

Assistant Managing Editor

  • Maristella Borges Silva
    (UFU) Uberlândia, MG, Brazil

Associate Editors

  • Antônio-Carlos Guimarães de Almeida
    (UFSJ) São João del-Rei, MG, Brazil
  • David Martin Simpson
    (UoS) Southampton, UK
  • Fernando Soares Schlindwein
    University of Leicester – UoL, Leicester, UK
  • Hélio Schechtman
    (FIOCRUZ) Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil
  • Leia Bernardi Bagesteiro
    (UFRGS) Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil
  • Peter Kyberd
    (UoG) Greenwich, UK
  • Ronney B. Panerai
    (UoL) Leicester, UK
  • Rosana Almada Bassani
    (UNICAMP) Campinas, SP, Brazil
  • Sérgio Miranda Freire
    (UERJ) Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil
  • Sérgio Santos Mühlen
    (UNICAMP) Campinas, SP, Brazil
  • Slawomir J Nasuto
    (UoR) Reading, United Kingdom
  • Wagner Coelho de A. Pereira
    (COPPE/UFRJ) Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil



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