Research on Biomedical Engineering
Research on Biomedical Engineering


Volume 31, Issue 3, 2015 September

31(3), 2015 September

Plagiarism checking - a new tool towards better science Soares, Alcimar Barbosa

Original Article
Recognition of heart sound based on distribution of Choi-Williams Chen, Tianhua; Xiang, Lingzi; Zhang, Meina
Integrating Brazilian health information systems in order to support the building of data warehouses Freire, Sergio Miranda; Souza, Rômulo Cristovão de; Almeida, Rosimary Terezinha de
Evaluation of gait performance of knee osteoarthritis patients after total knee arthroplasty with different assistive devices Tereso, Ana; Martins, Maria Manuel; Santos, Cristina Peixoto
Comparison of the influence of stimuli color on Steady-State Visual Evoked Potentials Tello, Richard Junior Manuel Godinez; Müller, Sandra Mara Torres; Ferreira, André; Bastos, Teodiano Freire
A self-organizing maps classifier structure for brain computer interfaces Bueno, Leandro; Bastos Filho, Teodiano Freire
Effect of low-level laser therapy (GaAlAs - λ660 nm) on muscle function Giaretta, Vania Maria de Araújo; Santos, Luiz Prudêncio; Barbosa, Ana Maria; Hyslop, Stephen; Corrado, Alexandre Pinto; Nicolau, Renata Amadei; Cogo, José Carlos
Overview of medical physics teaching in Brazil Costa, Paulo Roberto

Review Article
A concept-environment for computer-based augmentative and alternative communication founded on a systematic review Loja, Luiz Fernando Batista; Gomide, Renato de Sousa; Mendes, Fabiana Freitas; Teixeira, Ricardo Antonio Gonçalves; Lemos, Rodrigo Pinto; Flôres, Edna Lúcia

Technical Communication
Testing electrode suitability for field stimulation of high-threshold biological preparations Milan, Hugo Fernando Maia; Bassani, Rosana Almada; Bassani, José Wilson Magalhães
A flexible multichannel FPGA and PC-Based ultrasound system for medical imaging research: initial phantom experiments Assef, Amauri Amorin; Maia, Joaquim Miguel; Costa, Eduardo Tavares

Res. Biomed. Eng.

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