Research on Biomedical Engineering
Research on Biomedical Engineering


Mühlen, Sérgio Santos

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EHE’09 is the third edition of a successful international conference series joining researchers to discuss issues situated in the boundaries of Electromagnetics, Medicine, Biology and Environmental Sciences. Previous editions were held in Funchal (Madeira Island)-Portugal (2006), and Wroclaw-Poland (2007).

More than 40 selected papers were presented and debated during the three days of the conference, at the Polytechnic School/University of São Paulo facilities. This special issue of the Brazilian Journal of Biomedical Engineering is dedicated to register some of those presented works. We would like to express our gratitude to the authors for their cooperation and patience on the preparation of this fascicle.

We would also like to thank all of the Technical Program Committee members and the reviewers who have contributed to make the EHE’09 – International Conference on Electromagnetic Fields, Health and Environment – and this special number possible.

We hope you will find it to be an informative and memorable experience, and wish you a good reading!
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