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Investigation of the influence of design details on short implant biomechanics using colorimetric photoelastic analysis: a pilot study

Zielak, João César; Archetti, Felipe Belmonte; Scotton, Ricardo; Filietaz, Marcelo; Storrer, Carmen Lucia Mueller; Giovanini, Allan Fernando; Deliberador, Tatiana Miranda

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Introduction: The clinical survival of a dental implant is directly related to its biomechanical behavior. Since short implants present lower bone/implant contact area, their design may be more critical to stress distribution to surrounding tissues. Photoelastic analysis is a biomechanical method that uses either simple qualitative results or complex calculations for the acquisition of quantitative data. In order to simplify data acquisition, we performed a pilot study to demonstrate the investigation of biomechanics via correlation of the findings of colorimetric photoelastic analysis (stress transition areas; STAs) of design details between two types of short dental implants under axial loads. Methods: Implants were embedded in a soft photoelastic resin and axially loaded with 10 and 20 N of force. Implant design features were correlated with the STAs (mm2) of the colored fringes of colorimetric photoelastic analysis. Results: Under a 10 N load, the surface area of the implants was directly related to STA, whereas under a 20 N load, the surface area and thread height were inversely related to STA. Conclusion: A smaller external thread height seemed to improve the biomechanical performance of the short implants investigated.


Biomechanics, Dental implants, Dental stress analysis, Short implants.


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